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BARRATHON – What’s it all about?

Why is the event held, and what does it bring to the community?

Initially the half marathon was set up as a one-off event to mark the millennium but its popularity among the running fraternity has ensured its continuity. The aims of the Barrathon are multi-faceted: promoting health and fitness within the Community; encouraging social inclusion; boosting the local economy and raising funds for charity, to name but a few. It is important to note that the Barrathon Committee is a non-profit making organisation. Costs associated with organising the event are in the region of £2000. Competitor entry fees provide some contribution to costs, but they also include the Scottish Athletics Federation fee for unaffiliated runners and a charity donation to Macmillan Cancer Relief. The shortfall in organisational costs is met by the generous donations of a number of businesses who recognise that their investment will generate additionality. It is also important to note that the event could not take place without the support of an extensive team of enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers who give of their time year after year. That community spirit is one of the key factors endearing the event to so many visiting runners.

The Barrathon ceilidh is run by an entirely separate fundraising committee. All proceeds are donated to local groups or charities. Since the first event in July 2000, the following donations have been made:

In what other ways does the island benefit from this event?

One of the most marked impacts is the boost it provides for the local economy. Last year around 100 runners took part in the half marathon, coming from as far afield as Argentina, America, Japan, Germany, France and Holland. A considerable number of runners take their families along with them and stay on to enjoy the island hospitality still further. The Barrathon is proving to be an effective means of “putting Barra on the map”.

What can you do to support the event?

If you do want to help out, or if you’d like more information, then contact the organiser.